How To Stay True

As consumers, we are bombarded with visual information from hundreds of sources everyday. But I have the opposite problem that most people have – I am not easily influenced. If I wear something, it is quite likely to be an item that is tried-and-true or something from my own “fashion bucket list” that I have coveted for some time.

Illustrating a surreal gasholder close-up

I went to visit some of my favourite architectural structures in December. This gasholder has been converted into a park.

Life of a short lady – forever looking up.

Contrary to how many clothing items I seem to have, I don’t actually give myself a very high wardrobe budget. I have other priorities like design travel, design tools, food, and so on.

Stopping traffic on a dead-end street.

This is how I stay true to my style and also budget constraints:

Embrace the power of season-less shoes. I love the nerdy look of footwear with socks or tights – both plain and interesting ones. This sort of style has been adopted on Prada, Miu Miu, and Marni runways for years, and interestingly also worn by politicians like Justin Trudeau.

Dress is a way of communicating your personality or identity:

Designer brands are very different from each other. They all have different muses, and often different customer profiles in mind when they design. I asked myself, what kind of consumer am I? The sort of sexy siren who loves Christian Louboutin stilettos? Or perhaps a cool girl well-versed in streetwear subcultures, who loves collections by Supreme and Off-White? I think neither – what I wish to be is more of a feminine geek.

Experiment within your comfort zone. This minimises both cost per wear and also time. For example, I adore high neck tops so I love trying different variations of them.

Winter style made cosy and festive with vibrant and luxurious-looking fabrics.

Sometimes, your outfit is not completely perfect. Case in point: my bag is dark brown rather than black. Wait until you have the opportunity and budget to get your ideal items. But for the meantime, just roll with it and have a great day anyway.

If you are a computer nerd, the lighting installation says 101010. If you are a female, then it says XOXOXO.

I’ve not made any real changes to my wardrobe this season. I hope my readers also find joy in staying true within one’s own time and cost budget.

Photos by: Bethany Lavin