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My Social Media Manifesto

Social Media (noun):

A digital, social platform where I share my thoughts and photographs, whilst being mindful not to present an unrealistic image of life.

Why shouldn’t we all have blogs and use social media accounts? It is my belief that everybody has a voice, and that everybody has his or her “tribe”. The best part about social media and the blogosphere is that they can help us find like-minded individuals.

Of course, the danger with social media is that it is an airbrushed and curated version of our lives. In cherrypicking all the beautiful and glamorous moments, social media becomes a sort of coping mechanism towards situations in life that are less than ideal.

My illustration above features a few of the physical imperfections that I have: buck teeth, sparse eyebrows, and un-manicured hands with chipped nail polish.

My dear readers, everything that looks perfect usually almost always isn’t. This is an empowering thought that can help us navigate the often misleading sphere of social media.