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The Millennial Glossary – Valentine’s Edition

Happy almost Valentine’s readers! I have compiled a list of rather new vocabulary related to love, life, and dating. Some are a bit naughty and cheeky, but it’s all good fun.

F*ckboy: A male who’s primary motivation is to pursue a female for sexual favours.

Verily, Phyllis says:

“I believe the definition also extends to a person who uses others for his or her own gain. And let’s be clear – there are f*ckgirls out there too. Good and bad exists in both genders.”

Hater: An antonym of “lover”. It implies somebody who strongly dislikes something or someone.

Verily, Phyllis says:

“I don’t think people hate on others for no reason. Most people love seeing others succeed (I do anyways). People only “hate” if you don’t seem to be nice or understanding enough to deserve the extra blessings that you’re given.”

Love bombing: An overt and excessive display of romantic affection.

Verily, Phyllis says:

“Love bombing isn’t love – it is infatuation. I think that real love is a slow burn. A love that is like something on gasoline tends to start quickly but also end quickly.”

Queen: A female who perceives herself or is perceived by others to be at the top of the social and dating food chain.

Verily, Phyllis says:

“Ladies, no matter if you are short, tall, petite, or plus size, with 10 or 10 million followers – you are all QUEENS to your Maker. Also, just because you aren’t good enough for one person doesn’t mean you aren’t someone else’s idea of perfection. You are all beautiful and incredible.”

"God Don't Make No Junk."

Proof that I’m a queen

“Queen Phyllis” – Bare Minerals made this for me! ( I’m just totally kidding.) I’ve had it for three years. It’s a beautiful loose eyeshadow in shimmery champagne – perfect for everyday use. Bare Minerals if you are reading this, I love your stuff. The only other queen they have in this loose shadow pot right now is “Queen Tiffany”. Are YOU a Tiffany? Girl, you have to get it.

"You Is Smart. You Is Kind. You Is Important." 

- The Help

Until next time readers, I wish you all a blessed Valentine’s.