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On Food and Weight

↑ Illustration of a sweets stall in Little India, Malaysia.

25 Feb – 3 March is Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I’ve never had a serious eating disorder, but I used to micromanage and overanalyse my food intake. As I grew older, I realised that food is culture, and by limiting it, I was denying myself the chance to fully absorb all the amazing culinary cultures the world has to offer.

↑ 2014: At one of my lower weights. Rice is a staple food in most Asian cuisines, but I used to skip it thinking it was empty calories. I also had visible bones on my chest. 

↑ 2015: I had just returned home from a trip abroad, having lost some weight there due to traveller’s diarrhea. I shouldn’t have felt good about it, but I sort of did.

I’m glad that many designers have also opened up about their struggles with food. You can’t treat it without first acknowledging you have a problem with it.

Now, I have a healthy outlook on food and body image and I love food shopping, cooking, eating in, and dining out. I eat everything, including desserts every day – without any guilt.

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