Where are you from?
I am Chinese Canadian. I’m living in the UK now, but I will relocate soon.

Why did you start this website?
I have always read blogs and watched videos. I particularly like the content by Fleurdeforce, Ingrid Nilsen and Estee Lalonde. As for food content, my latest great find is the Gourmet Makes series by Bon Appétit. Sometimes while I’m drawing or working on textiles, I like to watch a range of current events channels as well (Billie JD Porter and Stacey Dooley have produced some interesting documentaries). I am a keen photographer and lover of style and culture and it was always in my plan to start posting my photos and writing. There is never the best time to start as I learnt. The best time is whenever! When you’re busy, when you don’t feel like it – even that can be the best time to start doing something. When I got my heart broken, I decided to blog as a way to build up my self-esteem.

Having a social media presence is not just for influencers anymore. There is also a subset of individuals who blog recreationally – for now, I’m one of these people.

Never let anyone tell you you cannot blog for fun.

What is your background in design?
I have enjoyed drawing since I was a child. In high school and college, I dabbled in various design disciplines: drawing, architecture and art history. When I was younger, my parents weren’t informed about design education to be able to give me advice. It was actually my schoolteachers who encouraged me to enrol in full-time design education.

“Everything has to start somewhere, and it’s usually small.”
– Natalie Massenet 

Being a bit of an anglophile, I knew I wanted to do my design education in the UK. Fortunately, I got a place at my Textiles degree course of choice here in London where I am studying right now. This is my second degree, my first one was in Liberal Arts.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?
Having studied design full-time for the past few years, I’ve come to know my strengths and weaknesses. I like both drawing by hand and photography – so it would be a dream if I get to incorporate these two fields in the future.

Thanks for dropping by readers. I’ll see you around!

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