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    Social Media Etiquette in 2020

    Can you believe it? The new year is just around the corner. As an older millennial blogger, I’ve observed a seismic shift in the public’s expectations towards social media personalities in recent years. There has been an increased demand for authenticity and transparency. And with good reason: social media following counts translate into how much creators can charge for posts, stories, and videos. Social ambition with kindness rather than arrogance is the new direction for 2020.

    Here are three ways on how to responsibly navigate the beautiful, colourful yet sometimes murky waters of social media in the year 2020.

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    Happy weekend, lovely people of the internet! I’d like to touch on something I read about recently regarding the ever-divisive item of clothing: leggings. A mother of four sons expressed outrage at the fashion industry for popularising leggings, thereby allowing women to “expose their nether regions.”

    ↑ Image above: I was travelling several years ago in Seoul, South Korea. I absolutely adored those skinny fit legging jeans, but I no longer fit into this shape. I will discuss flattering looser-fitting alternatives below.

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    Happy International Women’s Day!

    I feel so blessed to have incredible and humble female friends. True story: some of my funniest friends don’t have a massive social media following. One of my prettiest friends doesn’t even have social media accounts, and doesn’t know who the Kardashians are (at this point in the conversation, we all lovingly laughed at her). What’s more, her Whatsapp profile photo is the default one. Another friend with the most amazing style rarely posts photos of her outfits and doesn’t advertise clothes for a living. A flower is a flower no matter how privately or publicly she lives her life.

    Blooming in a shade of orange creamsicle at Kew Gardens

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    Redefining Nude

    My latest project got me thinking about how flesh tones are conventionally named on the market. From art supplies to contemporary fashion, “nude” or “flesh tint” is commonly used to describe the pale, peachy skin colour among those of European origin. That is despite the fact that the Western world is becoming more and more ethnically diverse. With this shift in consumer demographics, perhaps it is time to reconsider the Eurocentric way of naming flesh tones.

    From porcelain to dark brown, “nude”  is in the eye of the beholder.