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    Escape To Edinburgh

    I came by train.
    I saw stunning scenery.
    I conquered Arthur’s Seat.

    And along the way, I ate some delicious food.

    Edinburgh is the perfect mix of medieval romance, breathtaking nature, with just the right amount of modern necessities like restaurants and shops.

    On Royal Mile: love the pop of jade green on the copper domes.

    Many sightseeing locations like Edinburgh Castle are situated in a very open and windy space. One develops an appetite pretty easily walking around this city.

    The city certainly does not lack in beautiful stone-walled houses.

    How often does one come across a favourite restaurant by chance? That happened to me and my Colombian friend on this trip. During our week-long getaway from London to Edinburgh, we dined here almost everyday.

    We couldn’t believe such a great Spanish tapas restaurant was only a short walk away from our accommodation. Stellar food served by friendly staff in a bright and airy space. Every single tapas we ordered was delicious and also churros with chocolate sauce served daily until 5 pm. Need I say more?

    Churros all day – every meal.

    Always nice to accidentally colour match with your Sangria.