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    Eat, Sleep, Repeat: Weekend In Shanghai

    Happy weekend dearest readers. Just arrived home from the airport moments ago with second-day hair, and I can’t wait to share my surprisingly pleasant weekend in Shanghai, only about a week before Chinese New Year.

    1. Pre-flight Munchies

    Prior to boarding my flight, I ate at the Hong Kong airport food court. I was quite pleased with my breakfast order at Duddell’s, and I feel that their modern take on traditional dim sum would also appeal to Western readers.

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    One Day In Stockholm & What I Ate

    For our Easter break getaway, my friend and I visited a couple of Scandinavian countries. It was part leisure, and part photographic and textile research. If you’re looking for a winter holiday, travelling to the Scandinavian countries in March and April is fantastic because you can still experience the signature cold climate and beautiful snow with the benefit of slightly longer daylight hours.

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    Jacket Potato with a Twist

    As mentioned in the previous post, it is the Year of the Pig in Chinese culture. I thought it would be fun to go along with the pig theme, and try out some other ingredients from pigs. Lard has been used throughout culinary history; however, in recent years it has fallen out of favour with the health-conscious consumer due do its high saturated fat content. Like its animal fat cousins: beef dripping and goose fat, lard is often used to roast potatoes with.

    A recipe that sprung to mind was first lady Jackie Kennedy’s baked potato. But instead of Beluga caviar, I will opt for the poorwoman’s substitute: lumpfish caviar. I tried this recipe several months ago, but this time I’m going to coat the potatoes with lard instead of oil.