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    English Summer – Day In The Garden

    + How To Communicate Romantic Appeal

    Dear readers, in the past I have mostly written about the clothing and lifestyle habits that we as women instinctively love. We are grown women who dress for ourselves, thank you very much! However today’s topic is a little different. Aimed at my heterosexual female readers, I discuss some of the habits regarding dress and grooming that are conducive to attraction. Here are 8 areas in which women can improve their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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    Happy International Women’s Day!

    I feel so blessed to have incredible and humble female friends. True story: some of my funniest friends don’t have a massive social media following. One of my prettiest friends doesn’t even have social media accounts, and doesn’t know who the Kardashians are (at this point in the conversation, we all lovingly laughed at her). What’s more, her Whatsapp profile photo is the default one. Another friend with the most amazing style rarely posts photos of her outfits and doesn’t advertise clothes for a living. A flower is a flower no matter how privately or publicly she lives her life.

    Blooming in a shade of orange creamsicle at Kew Gardens