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Shoreditch Colours

Earlier in the autumn, I visited Shoreditch on a weekend. My fascination with East London began after viewing an exhibition on the gentrification of Hackney by one of my favourite British illustrators, Lucinda Rogers.

↑ Photo above: When the walls decided to match my green midi skirt.

↑ Did you know there is an Instagram page dedicated to green plants on pink backgrounds? I learned about it from this textile designer.

Despite being trendy and expensive, Shoreditch is not an overly formal sort of place. I love its vibrant and eclectic feel, especially the brightly graffitied walls.

Clashing cultures: wearing a vintage Japanese haori jacket against a backdrop of contemporary graffiti

"I'm not angry, this is just my face."

There are many places with beautiful street art. If God willing, I’ll get to visit more of them and share them with my readers in the future.

Photos by: Nicole Engelmann