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    English Summer – Day In The Garden

    + How To Communicate Romantic Appeal

    Dear readers, in the past I have mostly written about the clothing and lifestyle habits that we as women instinctively love. We are grown women who dress for ourselves, thank you very much! However today’s topic is a little different. Aimed at my heterosexual female readers, I discuss some of the habits regarding dress and grooming that are conducive to attraction. Here are 8 areas in which women can improve their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

    Location: Queen Mary’s Gardens.

    1. Photography

    To capture your body and spirit in the most flattering light, consider hiring professional photographers. There is a booming industry of photographers on Facebook and Instagram waiting to transform your image. If you are lucky to have talented sisters, mums, or girlfriends, enlist their help in capturing you at your best. Taking photographs for others is a labour of love, it may take 10 shots to get a good one, so I often repay others’ kindness by taking their photographs too.

    ↑ My friend Joy looks absolutely gorgeous and comfortable outfitted in creamy custard yellow.

    2. Written Content

    Whether you are funny, intellectual, down to earth, lighthearted, or ALL of the above, make sure your amazing personality, personal passions and religious priorities are clearly communicated in your social media posts. Everybody has negative or frustrating past experiences, consider communicating these in an inspirational or even funny tone of voice.

    ↑ Summer garden attire that isn’t sportswear. High-end designers items are obviously very covetable, but I adore high street and affordable vintage offerings just the same. The top and skirt were a surprise discount find. My handbag is pre-loved from the 1960s.

    3. Body Language

    I love good eye contact. It communicates honesty and directness. However, in dating there are other types of glances that are particularly useful. Consider tilting your head down, or looking away, this allows for traditional male capacity to chase. When you seem to be minding your own business is when others seem to be most attracted to you. Looking back at these photos now, we should definitely have smiled as well! Women are not passive, helpless creatures. But unfortunately as governed by traditional dating theory, men chase and women are chosen. I believe one of our great powers is in who we accept.

    4. Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery

    I have seen head-to-toe black punk princesses, demure ladies in elaborate clothing, and everyday plain Janes find happily ever after. Dress according to your unique personality, and stay within your budget. Choose fashion items that accentuate your lovely assets, and skilfully tuck away any problem areas. Extra brownie points if your are adorned in attractive colours.

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    One Day In Stockholm & What I Ate

    For our Easter break getaway, we went to Stockholm, Bergen, Flam and Oslo. It was part leisure, and part photographic and textile research. If you’re looking for a winter holiday, travelling to the Scandinavian countries in March and April is fantastic because you can still experience the signature cold climate and beautiful snow with the benefit of slightly longer daylight hours.

    First stop – Stockholm, my second visit to the modern Nordic capital. We took the budget airline Ryanair from London Stansted Airport to Stockholm Stavsta Airport. We saved a bit more on airfare with Ryanair but spent an hour to get a bus from the airport to central Stockholm. Dear travellers, if you are short on time, or are looking to get into Stockholm city centre more quickly, I would suggest flying into the bigger, more international Arlanda Airport instead. There, you can easily catch the 20 minute Arlanda Express into the city centre. The airline that takes this route from London Gatwick tends to be Norwegian Air, marketed as a budget airline as well.

    We arrived at the hotel ahead of check-in time, so we dropped off our luggage there, had lunch thereby, and walked to one of the sites on our list, Stockholm Public Library.

    Sitting by the bay window in this first floor room at Miss Clara By Nobis in central Stockholm. It is situated within walking distance to Hotorget as well as T-Centralen metro stations in Norrmalm, Stockholm.

    Every Chinese lady must have hot drinks at hand 😅. It’s a strange food and drink habit among the Chinese that hot beverages rather than cold are better for health. I phoned housekeeping for two cups and a kettle (it was a really nice quality one too). They also asked if I needed tea, which I think they would have provided free of charge, but being a typical Asian traveller, I brought my own individually packaged teas.

    Stockholm Public Library is a stunning, circular architectural structure.

    Reading in circles: beautiful sweeping, curved railings next to the bookshelves.

    Being a design person, I found a book with a woven cover in the same colour as my camel coat.

    Sunny Stockholm: many buildings are in hues of beige, peach and terracotta.

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